the Book Club – Special Edition !!!

Dear All

I would like to invite you to a Special Edition of the Book Club
meeting: Book Club mingle. It will take place on the 19 October, a
Saturday, at 4 pm. at my place in Fiesole.

This meeting is open to all the Moms who would like to be a part of
our Book Club but do not find the time to come – they can come with
their kids! It is also destined to all the newcomers to Florence who
would like to meet other Moms and their kids. We invite you and your
children to come over to talk about the book (a bit), have great food and wine (a bit), see the kids
play (we have a small garden) and get excited about the Book Club :)

We are reading  “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” by Peter Hřeg

if interested, please, contact Agnieszka Weinar at

Book Club in April

Dear Moms


I would like to warmly invite you to join our Book Club already this April! Come to have a chat on the book but also experience a unique support group that has developed almost as a by-product of the Book Club… We are meeting on April 19, at 7:30 pm. We are reading The Paris Wife, by Paula McLain.