A Delicious Tuscan Cake!

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This is a cake you will find in just about every Tuscan pastry shop.  It is made with a butter crust, a cream of wheat filling and chocolate shell…need I say more? Recipe is translated and adjusted by me from Giallo Zafferano’s site.

THE Recipe!


125 grams or 1 cup sifted Flour

75 grams or 5.2 tbsp butter

A pinch of salt

3 egg yokes

100 grams or 1/2 cup powdered sugar

Chocolate spread

200 gr.  or 700 oz dark chocolate

200ml or 6.7 fl oz. fresh cream

For the filling

125 grams cream of wheat or semolino

500 ml or 17  fl. oz.  milk

350 gr. or 12.25 oz. Ricotta

200 grams or 7/8 cup powdered sugar


Torta di semolino al cioccolato

Begin by mixing the powdered sugar and flower together.  Add salt and then the butter at room temperature.  Soften the butter with your hands while mixing it with the flower…

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SOS Playgroup

Calling all Moms!  The Firenze moms 4 moms playgroup is at high risk this year.  After the Innocenti and then the Methodist church closed their doors we no longer have a place for playgroup.

Even though my son is now in materna, playgroup has been a great treasure for my son and I.  I had lived in Florence almost 6 years when a friend and I stumbled across a clothing exchange in the late fall.  This is where I met Kimberly Dopke-Vanzi for the first time.  As an overwhelmed expat mom, who was also very lonely, she advised me to start going to the playgroups twice a week.  There I found other moms just like me.  I quickly found friendship and looked forward to the different playgroups twice a week.  We exchanged baby advice, we talked about schools, problems, sometimes we even went to lunch afterwards!  When birthdays rolled around, they were always filled with our English speaking friends. Florence, for the first time since I got pregnant, became bearable.  I had found my niche!  This is why it saddens me greatly that we cannot find a place this year to host playgroup.

We need your ideas and input so we can make playgroup happen this year.  If you have any ideas please let us know.  Help us save playgroup!

We need:

A. A place or a rotation of places

B. Someone or a couple of people to be in charge, to get the word out each week.

C. Materials, toys etc.  ( I have some toys that I collected from the Methodist church in the hopes of finding a new home for playgroup)

D. Comment below on what playgroup has meant to you!