Cara Domings a Private Music Instructor living in Florence

cara Matteo

I got to meet Cara Domings, a 25 year old female American singer/songwriter and private music instructor, when she came to do a piano lesson for my son.   She studied under Dr. Faina Brayanskaya in Boston, who is a Russian … Continue reading

Joint Collaboration with Creative Corners

CC logo

I have talked to Kirste Milligan who runs Creative Corners and we have formed a joint collaboration.  Creative Corners a nonprofit cultural organization (website is being updated) and offers many events to children dance, science, music and art. They even … Continue reading

FMs4Ms Newsletter


We send out a newsletter to all who register with the network (which is done by clicking here Join our Network, not by following the blog.  All  registered members are entitled to join the events we offer.  These are found … Continue reading