Group Session Series by Paolo Molino, Psychotherapist

Group Session Series by Paolo Molino, Psychotherapist

1st Topic on December 27th

Everyday life’s masks: chosen or necessity?

During our life, we all wear some masks, are they comfortable? What do I need them for?

During the group session we will do a small experiential journey through our ways to live and go in the world. Do I want to change something or am I happy as I am. How my masks influence my life?  When and with whom do I wear them?

The group session starts with a brief introduction by Paolo Molino, psychotherapist, and then we will have open discussion where the group members can share their experiences and then we will pair up for some exercises to see what effects do I have on other and our feelings.

Life is about finding an equilibrium, nothing is right or wrong, there are no set steps to follow but to listen

The group sessions will be in English and last approximately two and a half hours, cost is free for this first session for the next sessions in the series there will be charge per person.  It will be held piazza Beccaria. The exact location will be sent to those that register.  All that are interested, please register with this form:

Dott.Paolo Molino
Via Antonio Scialoja 68
50136 Firenze