Playgroup in Scandicci Lo Spazio delle Donne

Hi Moms,

Anna from “Lo Spazio delle Donne” contacted me and mentioned they have a space for a possible playgroup.  It is in Scandicci but very easy to get to by the tram and car.

Lo Spazio delle Donne

This “Lo Spazio delle Donne” is open from Monday to Friday from 10-12 am and is free access.

Location is Scandicci, Via Allende 22/a( From Florence by tramvia stop to Aldo Moro)

Would any of you be interested in forming a group there?


3 thoughts on “Playgroup in Scandicci Lo Spazio delle Donne

  1. This is really close to where Iive (Talenti!) Has anyone else showed any interested for this playgroud group? Not sure I have figured out yet how this works.


    1. Unfortunately no one has responded to me that this is an ideal place for them. As of now we only have the one playgroup

      “Coffee & Chaos ” We meet Thursdays 10am-12noon. Drop in any time. No need to register. Chiesa Evangelica Metodista (Methodist Church) Via de’ Benci, 9 Firenze. Between / Tra Santa Croce & Ponte alle Grazie For more information contact Alison at

      so far most of the moms go to this one.

      1. Thanks for the info. I have seen in the Calender the COFFEE EVENTS every thursday…I did not know it was for moms along with kids.

        Great to know really!

        Thanks again


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