about pageWhat is Firenze Moms 4 Moms Network?

FMs 4Ms Network is a Community Network founded in 2004 to assist Expat English Speaking mothers in Florence and Tuscany.  We are an International Community Network (INC) of English speaking moms that know how hard it is to move to another country, let alone with little children.


What we provide?

The FMs4Ms Network provides a website, blog, and discussion groups. That are all designed to assist mothers with information needed for raising their children while living in beautiful Firenze, Italy.  Along with the INC, we also schedule some Local Events that take place around the city for different occasions.   The main language of the network is English.

Along with our own events we also list local community events; advertising options for local business of interest to our network; listings of governmental, schools, and health information; businesses and organizations; weekly newsletters; and informational article posts..


What are our goals?

FMs4Ms Network works to provide a sustainable, trusted community platform for Firenze and its surrounding areas; to enhance a vital community portal for expatriate English speaking mothers;   by offering easier access to already existing information and services; strengthening the local identity of the English speaking expatriate community; and revitalization, promotion, and maintenance of local communal ties.


What is our quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS)?

Our QoE and QoS is best shown by our statistical numbers which keep growing regularly through our main channels of social networking:

Right now we have:

654 followers on our blog
159 follow us on Twitter
516 followers receive our weekly newsletter
253 Use our Facebook Discussion Group
40,025 view our website yearly

Our sister sites of now have totals, combined Facebook and the database, which are Siena 44 members, Lucca 33 members, Rome 39 members

What is the role of the Participants in the FMs4Ms Community Network?

Participants in the FMs4Ms Community Networks are voluntary members of the network. No membership fee is collected for participating in the use of this network.  Some fees are asked for some FMs4Ms events which are used to cover the expenses of those events.  Each member can come and leave at free will.

Members of the community do have a voice to help the progress of the network. Which we promote through email correspondence; bi-yearly question and answer feedback polls; knowledge sharing in discussion groups, and by volunteering to help in organizing and creating many different events of the Network.

Members decide what they get from the network and therefore collectively they decide the growth and upgrades of the network.

Members can volunteer for the different committees we have: Playgroup committee, Events committee (with sub event committees), Blog writing editors, and the option to create new committees of interests.


How are decisions decided that regard the overall FMs4Ms Community Network?

Decision making for the network is done through discussions between the Administration and Main Committees Organizers.  This is done by internal email or scheduled meet ups.  As a result of these discussions the required upgrades or adjustments are identified and implemented by administration or members of the community itself to maximize the global efficacy of the network.  



How “Firenze Moms 4 Moms Network” came to be

Map of where are moms are



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