Looking for a Charity for this Holiday Season

A few moms have recommended these Charities to donate too for this Holiday Season:

  1. Correnti Voluntary Association is a small ONLUS, based here in Florence, which collects funds for development projects. For more information: https://www.facebook.com/CORRENTIVOLUNTARYASSOCIATION/

Jessica Huntingford has been supporting Malealea Development Trust in Lesotho (http://www.malealeadevtrust.org/) for many years. This year, in addition to collecting funds for yearly donation and following a specific request from the President of the NGO, they are also collecting clothes for the many orphans that they look after.

If you have any clothes that your children don’t fit into any more, please get in touch. They are looking looking mostly for clothes for teenagers – the smaller sizes have been easier and they have quite a lot of clothes for them right now. Pleases send an email to Jessica Huntingford at jessicahuntingford@gmail.com and she will arrange to pick them up.

  1. Kirsten Hills recently did a film with the Marta Cappelli Foundation. For a year she followed the organisation, as they raise money and support families with children in intensive care. The film highlights the crucial work they, and the staff at Meyer Hospital do, 24-7. You are invited tomorrow for an aperitivo and a screening, at the rather lovely Grand Hotel Villa Medici (via il Prato.) The film is just 20 minutes, and in italian (but easy to understand.) (parking is closeby.) 21.00, Grand Hotel Villa Medici, via il Prato. email Kirsten for more information and RSVP info@kirstenhills.com

AngelsToyDrive15_ENG_WEB3. Elizabeth Connolly organizes a toy drive with Angels for a DayAngels for a Day is a volunteer program dedicated to children who live in situations of difficulty, poverty, in foster care or are patients in health care facilities. By pairing a “guardian angel” (a youth volunteer) with a child the Angels for a Day program strives to give hope of a better world to those who otherwise may be forgotten. This Christmas you can be an angel for a day by giving a cash donation, in exchange for making a candy cane Christmas message for a child, with the proceeds being used to purchase Christmas presents for the children of the Angels for a Day program. You can drop off your generous cash donation at the Paperback Exchange Bookstore – Via Delle Oche, 4R – by December 15h, 2015. Together we can make a difference by putting a smile on the face of a needy child this holiday season.


La Casa di Babbo Natale – dal 05 novembre 2015 al 6 gennaio 2016 – Castello delle Terme Tamerici Montecatini Terme

9.jpg.ashxLa Casa di Babbo Natale, dal 05 novembre 2015 al 6 gennaio 2016, Montecatini Terme, esposizioni natalizie, VISITATE LA CASA DI BABBO NATALE, Santa Claus, Babbo Natale, Lapponia, babbo, natale, babbo Natale, casa di Babbo Natale, babbo natale, elfi, regali, addobbi, giochi, gita, mercatino di natale, mercatini natalizzi, giochi, dolci, regali, mercatino di natale, montecatini terme, terme tamerici, stazione Leopolda, firenze, florence noel

Source: .: La Casa di Babbo Natale – dal 05 novembre 2015 al 6 gennaio 2016 – Castello delle Terme Tamerici Montecatini Terme :.

German Christmas Market


December 2 to 20, the Weihnachtsmarkt, the traditional German Christmas market into town specialties as sausage, sauerkraut, pork knuckles, pretzels and strudel, as well as objects and local products in Germany and other nationalities. The market is wooden stalls decorated with Christmas decorations, which houses exclusively European operators. Location: PIAZZA DI SANTA CROCE More information: +39 055 2705233
+39 335365966

Vintage Pram for Sale for Charity


The most amazing traditional Silvercross pram. These cost up to £1500 new in England. It’s in superb condition and needs a home! The money from the sale of this pram is going to be donated to the St James Food Bank’s baby section. The money would be used to buy much needed diapers, powdered milk, jars of baby food, biscuits etc. If you are interested in buying this pram please contact Jacqueline at jacquiowen@hotmail.com


Children Books Needed

There was an article not long ago in the Nazione that was an appeal for children’s books in donation to replace the books that were distroyed in the tornado that struck Bagno a Ripoli area a few weeks ago.

The libraries of schools in Rimaggio and Padule were damaged badly so they are looking for books adapted to children from 3 to10 years old, especially dictionaries. In Italian Language, but also just normal picture books for children.

There is a number for info 055 645879.  They should be in good condition and be brought to the public library in Via Belmonte (Ponte a Niccheri). Tina