Playgroup?….one last call for anyone interested?

Hi Everyone,

Ok one last call to any Mum’s- particularly in the Q2 area (Campo di Marte), Is anyone interested in keeping on going/getting started a weekly playgroup at the ludoteca La Tana dell’Orso on Viale dei Amicis?
I did post this a while back but maybe it got missed as it was at the end of alot of other posts to the playgroup event posted on Facebook.

I tried to move our playgroup to La Tana dell’Orso back at the beginning of October, but maybe because we were previously meeting in the centro storico not many Mum’s seemed able to get over to the ludoteca in Campo di Marte.
To be honest it is a little hard for me to get aswell as my 2 and a half year old son who won’t get in his pram and walks very slowly everywhere can makeit challenging, and as we already have a few other things that we need to travel across town for during the week I have decided that it is a little too far for me to go all the time.

Having said that I am happy to help any other Mum’s who are interested to get this up and running. I can be a co- contact person, however I think it needs someone who is attending reguarly to be one of the contact people so that important info the ludoteca might provide is being heard by someone eg like if they are closed for some reason etc.

Anyway anyone interested in getting this off the ground let me know and I can help. Last time we went we were the only ones….but maybe at this point there is more interest?


Kim Sullivan

The Duomo Playgroup….now to be called FMs4Ms Playgroup

Hi Everyone,

Starting from next Tuesday 25th September we will be meeting at the Ludoteca- La Tana dell’Orso, which is actually in Quartiere 2- Campo di Marte area……Hence the name change for our playgroup to something more generic, we don’t want anyone getting lost thinking if they are near The Duomo they must be close, as this isn’t the case anymore!

Here are all the details:

La Tana Dell’Orso
luogo per bambini ma anche per genitori ( A place for kids…but also Parents)

Viale De Amicis, 23 Firenze
Tel: 055 2767452

Entry to the Ludoteca is free for residents of Florence, just bring a document along on your 1st visit to register.
Socks must be worn for both children and adults inside the play area ( as you have to take your shoes off, and bare feet are not permitted).

We will meet from 10am-12pm as usual, all ages welcome.

To arrive from the SMN station: Take bus number 6A or 6B(in direction of Novelli), get off at the stop “Lungo L’Affrico”, and walk from there.

To arrive from Piazza San Marco: There are a few options either bus number 20(direction Comparetti), or 6A & 6B(direction Novelli) and get off at the stop ” Lungo LAffrico”.

Anyone new to the city coming from anywhere else in town follow the link below to the “ATAF calculate your journey” site to see what buses you need to get there:

Sorry we haven’t been able to keep the playgroup in the historical centre but after the closing down of Bottega dei Ragazzi(our old meeting spot), all the other Ludoteca’s in the centre are only open in the afternoons, and for a group with alot of younger kids, the afternoons in the Ludoteca’s are very crowded for them, and the staff don’t really encourage a large group of little ones meeting at that time as there are already alot of school age kids there in the afternoons anyway.

Hope to see you there

Kim & Ariel(2yrs old)

The Duomo Playgroup

Hi Everyone,

Next Tuesday July 17th July Claire Zurek has kindly offered to host the playgroup at her house. Usual time from 10am-12pm

She has a large paddling pool so it should be a nice way to beat the heat!! She asks that you bring along anything necessary for your child to participate in this activity such as swimmers/towels/nappies etc.

Please contact Kim Sullivan or Becca Hamblin if you are interested in coming and we can send you the exact address via a private message or email.

Duomo Playgroup

Hi Everyone,

for the next 3 weeks (from June 26th to July 10th we’ve all decided to meet on Tuesday mornings at the gardens on Borgo Allegri 18, maybe to beat the heat we could say from 9.30am onwards or until you feel it’s too hot and want to go home!!

I will be away for the next 2 weeks so please contact Becca Hamblin if you want to ask questions or make a suggestion about other places we could meet in the future.

Have fun

The Duomo Playgroup

All ages welcome, as the Bottega dei Ragazzi is closing for 2 yrs for renovations until we find a new permanent indoor location the venue may change from week to week, so just keep checking the blog posts and facebook page for updates!

This week coming  Tuesday the 5th June 2012 we are going to meet up at the gardens in Borgo Allegri 18, which is in the centre just off Via Ghiberllina. If it rains it will have to be cancelled…so fingers crossed! We’ll meet at the same time of 10am-12pm.

Hope to see you there :-)

The Duomo Playgroup- The Bottega dei Ragazzi is closing June 1st for 2 years :-(

Hi to everyone who comes along to the playgroup, not sure if anyone else got the email from the Bottega dei Ragazzi, I will attach it if anyone is interested, but basically it said that unfortunately The Bottega dei Ragazzi is closing from the 1st June 2012 for 2yrs!!!!- as they are renovating the space and constructing a Musuem. It did say that some activities will start up again in September in a new format….but I don’t think this will include a free space to the public, I think they are more talking about the organized activities they have for the schools?

If you want me to forward the email onto you (in Italian) then let me know.

Anyway for now not sure what we can do to keep a playgroup alive in the Centro Storico, any ideas?

In the email they attach a list of other Ludoteca’s near the centre but they all are open only from 4.30pm onwards, and we were meeting in the mornings.

Anyway hope we can chat soon, for anyone who can go along tomorrow Tuesday the 29th May will be the last day I suppose :-(

I can’t make it so tomorrow so hope to see most of you on Thursday at Coffee and Chaos where we can chat about it all


Kim and Becca

The Duomo Playgroup

Hi Mum’s,

We meet every Tuesday from 10am-12pm at  The Bottega dei Ragazzi- Via dei Fibbiai 2, Firenze (Piazza Santissima Annunziata).

For the month of February to celebrate Carnivale we thought that  it would be fun if you would like to come in fancy dress (kids and Mum’s alike!!) No pressure of course just if the mood takes you :-)

Entry to the Bottega is free, they request that no shoes are worn inside the play area, and that you bring socks for yourself and your kids to wear, but in this chilly weather I’m sure everyone will have socks with them!

Hope to see you there