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Mom’s Mingle Lunch

TMomsMingle Junehere is a Mom’s  Mingle coming up Dress-up Cocktail Party on 20th of June 7-10pm.  Deadline for signing up is June 10th.  The cost is 15-20 per person and moms can have a +1.  Lindsay Osborne and Amy Morgan are organizing this event You must register by June 10th if you want to go. Also you must be registered with the Firenze Mom’s 4 Mom’s Network if you want to go as well.  You can contact them Amy Morgan and Lindsay Osborne


Mom’s Mingle Lunch

Mom’s  Mingle Lunch 

May 14 12:30 pm at Osteria del Porcellino, Via Val di Lamona 7r in center.

We will be having a fixed menu with a couple options for first and second course dessert, water, wine, and cafe for around 20 euro. 

Deadline for letting us know that you are coming is May 7th.  We need to reserve so it is important that you sign up that you are going. 

To Sign UP
It is going to be a fun and exciting lunch. 

We hope to see you there. Andrea & Kim

Mom’s Mingle

momsmingleRegistration deadline for the Mingle is January 27th.

Jan 30th at 8pm in Settignano/FiesoleArea. 

Restaurant called “Tullio a Montebeni” (

A time where mom can get out and enjoy chatting without the little ones.

Benedetta Fantugini is the organizer this month.

If you are interested in going there please email Benedetta at

** There might be some car pooling options if need them let Benedetta know***

Mom’s Mingle

momsmingleJan 30th at 8pm in Settignano/Fiesole Area.  A time where mom can get out and enjoy chatting without the little ones. Benedetta Fantugini is the organizer this month.  It is accessible by car, bus, and taxi.  Also there is a car pooling option (Paola has a 9 seater Van). If you have not been in that area it is a nice are just outside the city.  If you are interested in going there please email us 

Mom’s Mingle November (date change)


Trying something different this time.  Paola said it would be great to go to her house.  There is a limit  to the number at her house so please let me know right away that you are coming.  Everyone brings a dish.

Thursday 14th  of  November at 7.30 pm  (note date and time)

Those that want to come message me.

We are also doing another one at the end of November at a Restaurant.

Mom’s Mingle October


Are you coming? Let me know!

We are having our Mom’s Mingle coming up soon on October 17th, 8:00 pm

The place is ANTICO RISTORO DI CAMBI well know around town for their Bistecca, but they have other famous dishes as well.  The place was also picked because of it’s easy access by bus, car and walking for all those that are coming.  

T. 055 217134  FIRENZE
Map of location:

Let me know now if you are coming and joining in the fun of meeting other moms like you.   Message me at

See you soon,